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RPG translated in english


In the original game, the magic words and spells to be cast at key points are described

in the Book of Tsubasa (a leather-bound book which was included with the game).

It is impossible to clear without this book, as spells have to type in letters.


In the version translated by DJANGO

in collaboration with Zandig Slaytanic,

                                                                               it will be possible to play without this book.



Arrow Keys or Joystick = Movement

'Space key'  activate  MENU

'Enter key' for action: talk to the people, enter the cities, search in the area




1: Start from the city of Philes

  In the inn, it is possible to REST to regain strength and SAVE.

  DRUG can also be purchased. (maximum 10)

2:  In the town of OGUMATO,

talk to a man who gives the HAWK. (20 damage to enemy)

To use it in battle, it is necessary to buy FOOD.

Buy WINGS for 50 Gold, which allows you to teleport back to OGUMATO city.

3: In the dojo* of  the village of TOKIRU, you can learn 

offensive force   many times till ATTACK rises to 500.


4: Call the Spirit of the Earth on the big tree  (Request spell)

response is: EARTHGHOST,  and get the CANE of Lecci


5: In the mountain range, use item: CANE to go to  the east area


                                                                         6: In  the village of  ZAIRA, you can learn 

offensive force many times till ATTACK rises to 900.

7: Get the "holy VASE" in the small shrine, in the south-west of the city of Cask


8: Using the "Holy VASE" on the sacred spring in north-east

 you will get "CRYSTAL gem"

9: Return to the first area and go to May's tower. Use 'CRYSTAL' to enter.

Kill the Dragon king and gain "Black Key" of the dragon


10: Examine the stone skull statue near the river between Asurem and Philes.

A spirit increases your money up to 60,000 if you answer "GOLD AXE".

But if you do it a second time, he takes all your money


11: Enter the basement of the castle using "Black Key" to get "water HORSE"


12: Using the water HORSE go to the west area.


13: Use the BLACK KEY of the  dragon in the desert oasis to meet the princess

and get the White Key of the dragon.

You can also cast a spell before (WITHACAT)


If you find a turtle along the coast and the princess is with you, choose

1) HELP -then -2) GIVE MONEY (only if you have more than 10000gold)

3) KINDLY.  4) TALK : The princess will get the maximum level of 16 and all the magical powers.

The other choices take you  from either money or all your strength


14: Enter TAMAS city to buy Dragon Armor 10000 gold


15: Cast spell in forest with Princess by calling twice the Wind Spirit: CLOUDSRISE - HARMONY

Get the "BELL of  wind"


                                              16: Enter the Wind tower using BELL and get "RING of the Rainbow"

                                                                                 (HP recovery every step)


                                                 17: Kill  TORNADO  in Wind tower and get the "SKY BELL"


                                                                    18: Enter Atepal Castle using  WHITE KEY

                                                        Go to the sky using the "SKY BELL" at the bell tower


                                                                           19: Get the "Diadem" of the sky  at the temple

                                                                  20: Use "Diadem" at the sky castle to go inside


                                            21: Defeat Shinsuen, then cast spell: SPIRITHERE to get "Dragon BALL"


                                            22: Return to earth. Look in Poisoned swamp  (use MAGIC: KYKUTE)

                                                  23: Enter the castle using  Dragon BALL. Use MAGIC: GAMMA


                                                                      24:  Use MAGIC: KAZUNO to kill Minoline


* dojo (hall used for martial arts training) 

                                                         WINGS of ARUGISU – KOGADO-                                                 



Tips and spells cast in key points in this game are described in the manual.

Although we do not know the hints of old documents, we will proceed,

but it is impossible to clear without a manual, as spells have to type in letters.





Space to get the MENU

Enter for action: talk to the people, enter the cities, search





Start in  PHILES city.

  In the inn, it is possible to rest (REST) to regain strength and save (END). Drugs (DRUG) can also be purchased at the pharmacy.

  In the town of OGUMATO, talk to a man who gives the Falcon (HAWK).

In the status menu, it displays "HK". To use it in combat, it is necessary to buy food (FOOD). Buy WINGS for 50 Gold, which allows you to teleport.

In the village of TOKIRU, you can rise  offensive force (ATTACK).

Tower (crystal ball).





LAT - use 5 magic - gain 30 HP
GAMMA - use 8 magic - detoxify in swamp poisoned castle
SANPA  - use 10 magic - teleport back to town
KYKUTE -  use 12 magic - poison resist in poisoned swamp
MERAT - use 20 magic -  gain 300 HP


KAZUNO - use  250 magic - turns the prince into a dragon - 2500 damage

TARIKADA : use 100 magic - Inferno (damage)

GIKASIA : use 50 magic - Lightning (damage

GIKASEL - use 8 magic - 25 damage

EJIROSTO : use 25 magic - Rain of Fire (damage)

ICHITABA : use 10 magic - Flash (impair enemy sight)

DAKTADOL : use 30 magic - Blind (impair enemy sight)

Help & Walkthrough by
Zandig Slaytanic
300 ko
User's manual
1,8 Mo
IPS file
12 ko
Complete disk of the English version
110 ko