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RPG translated in english

Fichier d'aide et pas à pas en français
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                                                         WINGS of ARUGISU – KOGADO-                                                 



Tips and spells cast in key points in this game are described in the manual.

Although we do not know the hints of old documents, we will proceed,

but it is impossible to clear without a manual, as spells have to type in letters.





Space to get the MENU

Enter for action: talk to the people, enter the cities, search





Start in  PHILES city.

  In the inn, it is possible to rest (REST) to regain strength and save (END). Drugs (DRUG) can also be purchased at the pharmacy.

  In the town of OGUMATO, talk to a man who gives the Falcon (HAWK).

In the status menu, it displays "HK". To use it in combat, it is necessary to buy food (FOOD). Buy WINGS for 50 Gold, which allows you to teleport.

In the village of TOKIRU, you can rise  offensive force (ATTACK).

Tower (crystal ball).




Crimson II english + cheat
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